The Call

2nd Summer School in Migration: European Border Regime in the Periphery of the EU

Rijeka, Croatia

:: 7th – 9th May 2020 :: postponed for 6th-7th November 2020 ::

postponed for 2021

The Second Summer School in Migration explores the analytical potential of critical migration and border regime studies in the context of the EU periphery or more precisely in the context of research of/along the co-called Balkan route. The school will consider current research and the struggles surrounding migration in the Balkan region. It will also explore the wide range of attempts made by the E.U., transnational institutions, countries, local and interregional structures, and multiple humanitarian actors to regain control over the migrants’ movements after the official closure of the humanitarian-securitarian corridor in 2016. It will reflect on the highly dynamic and conflictual developments since the long summer of migration and its historical entanglements, the ambiguities of humanitarian interventions and strategies of containment, migrational tactics to survive, local struggles, artistic interventions, regional and transnational activism and recent initiatives to curb the extensive practices of border violence and pushbacks.

The Summer School is a joint project of the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research (Croatia), the University of Göttingen, Department of Cultural Anthropology/European Ethnology (Germany), the Institute of Ethnography of the Serbian Academy of Sciences (Serbia), the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (Slovenia), the University of Rijeka, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Cultural Studies and Center for Advanced Studies of Southeastern Europe (Croatia).  Applications are welcome from MA and PhD students studying or interested in the research area in issue.

Applicants are requested to hand in a short cover letter (max. one page), especially indicating motivation for participation and research interests, a CV and if available, a publication list. Please send your application until 15th March 2020 to: Applicants will be notified by 25th March 2020. Accommodation in Rijeka from 7th to 9th May will be provided by organizers for all participants.